This is not a complete list of things I've written, but it should be a complete list of work I've published and/or had cited by other authors.

Where the published form has differed from the submitted form (for example, by the addition of journal headers), the files linked below are the "official" format of the papers whenever possible.

  1. Colin Percival, PiHex: The quadrillionth bit of Pi is zero, manuscript, 2000, available at
  2. Colin Percival, Rapid multiplication modulo the sum and difference of highly composite numbers, Mathematics of Computation, Volume 72, Number 241, Pages 387-395, 2002.
  3. Peter Borwein, Petr Lisonek, and Colin Percival, Computational investigations of the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott problem, Mathematics of Computation, Volume 72, Number 244, Pages 2063-2070, 2002.
  4. Colin Percival, Naive differences of executable code,, 2003.
    (NB: While the above is not a published paper, it should be considered the canonical reference for BSDiff 4.)
  5. Colin Percival, An Automated binary security update system for FreeBSD, Proc. BSDCon '03, Pages 29-34, 2003.
  6. Colin Percival, Cache missing for fun and profit, presented at BSDCan '05, May 2005.
    Conference presentation slides in: OpenOffice, PDF formats.
    Superseded by:
    Colin Percival, Cache missing for fun and profit, October 2005.
  7. Richard Brent, Colin Percival, and Paul Zimmermann, Error bounds on complex floating-point multiplication, Mathematics of Computation, Volume 76, Number 259, Pages 1469-1481, 2007.
    Slides for presentation at Simon Fraser University / University of Calgary / Dalhousie University "Coast to Coast Conference on Mathematics of Computation" in: PDF format.
  8. Aaron Bradford, Michael Monagan, and Colin Percival, Integer Factorization and Computing Discrete Logarithms in Maple, Maple Conference 2006, Jul 2006.
    (NB: My contribution was the section about integer factorization.)
  9. Colin Percival, Coding by Contract: Why the Fine Print Matters, presented at BSDCan '06, May 2006.
    Conference presentation slides in: OpenOffice, PDF formats.
  10. Colin Percival, Matching with Mismatches and Assorted Applications, D.Phil. thesis, 2006.
  11. Colin Percival, Stronger Key Derivation via Sequential Memory-Hard Functions, presented at BSDCan '09, May 2009.
    Conference presentation slides in: PDF format.
  12. Colin Percival, Profiling the FreeBSD kernel boot, presented at AsiaBSDCon 2018, March 2018.
    Conference presentation slides in PDF format.