Encrypted snapshotted remote backup

As most readers will be aware, I'm currently unemployed; as many of you have guessed, this is related more to having too many options than too few. In order to help me decide what I should do next, I'm looking for feedback from you, my readers: If an encrypted snapshotted remote backup service was available, would you pay to use it?

That's a lot of buzzwords; here's what I mean by them:

As a result of my background in algorithms and security, and my experience with bsdiff and portsnap, I think I'm ideally suited to produce such a service (and more importantly, the client code which would contain all the intelligence required for it -- given that all the data would be encrypted before being sent to the backup server, there isn't much opportunity for intelligence on the server side).

If such a service existed, I would certainly use it; this should not be very surprising, since this entire idea originated with me asking myself what I would like to see in a perfect backup system. I have no desire, however, to spend a long time creating such a service if I would be its sole user -- particularly given the aforementioned employment opportunities available. So please let me know if you would use such a service; I'd also be interested to hear how many systems and what total volume of data you would want to back up, as well as any other ideas you might have for what features "a perfect backup system" should have.

UPDATE: Tarsnap now exists and is in public beta.

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