Technical details about this blog.

As many people who know me will be aware, I tend towards minimalism in computer software. As a result, when I decided to start writing this, I looked around for the simplest blogging software I could find (it was NanoBlogger) and decided that it was far too complex for my taste. So I wrote my own.

This blog is generated by a 105-line script which uses the following commands: awk, cat, cp, cut, head, ls, sed, sh, sort, tail, tr, uniq. In addition to the script, I have 56 lines of CSS and 57 lines of page templates. I call this collection of script, css, and templates blogsh -- taken from the obvious name of the script. It took me about 8 hours to produce, most of which was spent fighting with CSS.

My code does not provide any facility for comments, nor does it construct an RSS feed. In light of cross-site attacks, I have no intention of adding any automated mechanism for reader comments; I may add an RSS feed at some point if someone can convince me that it could be useful.

I doubt many people will be interested in reusing my code, but if you are, send me an email and I'll give you a copy.

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