January 2008

The Depenguinator, version 2.0

February 2008

The (good) deal with freebsd-update(8)

The busy freebsd-update server

March 2008

Security is Mathematics

April 2008

The upgraded freebsd-update server

May 2008

Tarsnap beta testers wanted

June 2008

Even faster UTF-8 character counting

Daemonic Dispatches: Now with comments

To everything a season

Amazon S3 data corruption

Dissecting SimpleDB BoxUsage

High performance single-threaded access to SimpleDB

September 2008

Upcoming posts

October 2008

UBC Election Stock Market

Canadian Federal election polling

Canadian election results trivia.

Hacking the Amazon S3 SLA

FreeBSD on EC2

November 2008

Wuala's improved security

Tarsnap public beta

Spammed by TimeBridge

December 2008

How Tarsnap uses Amazon Web Services

AWS signature version 1 is insecure

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