Portupgrade errors after upgrading FreeBSD

When I upgraded some systems from FreeBSD 5.4 to FreeBSD 6.0 towards the end of 2005, one of the odd problems I encountered was portupgrade repeatedly rebuilding its database while complaining about an "Inappropriate file type or format".

Recently I've become aware that other people are encountering the same problem, so for the benefit of Google (and other search engines): For some reason there was a database format change between FreeBSD 5.x and FreeBSD 6.x. After upgrading the base system, run portupgrade -fR portupgrade; this will rebuild portupgrade using the new database format, and after this is finished, portupgrade will not keep on rebuilding its database.

I hope this post helps some people; this is a very annoying problem until you figure out how to fix it.

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