Still Fundraising for FreeBSD security development

On April 4th, I thought that I had reached my donations target for funding my summer of FreeBSD security development, and asked people to stop sending further donations. Sadly, it seems that this assessment was premature, as it relied upon two large pledges, and it now appears that one of them will not be arriving. Fortunately, Pair Networks -- the other large donor -- has sent $6500 US, which now brings me within $2000 of my target.

If you were intending to donate when I updated my web page on April 4th to say that I had reached my target, please do so now. I know there were several people in this position, so I'm hoping I can reach my target in the next week.

As before, details about the work I plan on doing, how to donate, and a list of the donations I have received, are at my page at

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