Target reached!

Thanks to 148 generous donations, I have now reached my funding target for my summer of FreeBSD security development. Particularly worthy of note are donations of 1000 USD and 6500 USD, sent by and Pair Networks respectively; but I am grateful for all the donations I received, whether five dollars or sixty-five hundred dollars.

For the first two weeks of May I will be finishing my BSDCan paper and presentation, doing some minor cleanup work on the portsnap client, and then attending the conference itself, where I will be talking about some of the difficult not-entirely-technical questions involved in FreeBSD security and gathering feedback about what everybody would like to see in the next version of FreeBSD Update.

After I return from the conference, I'll most likely head straight into rewriting the FreeBSD Update server code, but I don't want to overly commit myself to any particular schedule yet -- for one thing, a security issue could arise which I might need to spend a week investigating -- but I will be trying to keep this site updated with my progress as much as possible.

As they say, watch this space!

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