Starting work

I've started my summer of FreeBSD work with three improvements to the mirror-selection code in the portsnap client: It now understands the output of the host(1) from BIND 8, will switch to a different mirror if the snapshot tag download fails, and if it is using an HTTP proxy, portsnap will always pick mirrors in the same order -- this ensures that a collection of machines behind a proxy will only result in the data being fetched and cached by the proxy once instead of once for each mirror in use. These three changes will be MFCed after 6.1-RELEASE and 5.5-RELEASE, and at that time I'll also update the version in the ports tree. Nothing very dramatic here, but I said that I would keep this page updated with my progress, and that means including the routine as well as the dramatic.

Next item to get finished: my BSDCan paper!

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