FreeBSD Update build code

Simon Nielsen (the FreeBSD Deputy Security Officer) reminded me yesterday that I should be making more posts here about my progress on my FreeBSD summer of coding. A few days ago I finished writing the FreeBSD Update 2.0 build code; I'm now working on the FreeBSD Update 2.0 client code.

While the build code took me about two weeks longer than I had expected -- in the past two months I've really come to realize how much I rely upon receiving rapid feedback when my code is broken (feedback which isn't nearly as rapid when testing means waiting an hour or more for a buildworld+buildkernel) -- I still expect to finish all the work I had planned for this summer. In particular, the FreeBSD Update client code should be very quick to complete now, since I'll be reusing code from both the portsnap client and my 6.0 to 6.1 upgrade script. Once I have the client written and cross-tested against the build code, I will be committing the build code to the FreeBSD projects repository; I don't want to commit anything yet since I'm sure there are at least one or two bugs waiting to be found when I start running the client.

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