Anyone have an ark?

For the past few days, one or more spammer(s) has been sending thousands of spams with return addresses. As a result, I've been flooded with bounced spam -- about 20,000 spams since Saturday. The behaviour of the Barracuda Spam Firewall is particularly irritating -- it recognizes spam as spam (good), but proceeds to send an email to the (forged) return address (very bad). Apparently the authors of Barracuda haven't heard that bouncing spam is a bad idea.

The spam filter built into Thuderbird is generally doing a good job at identifying these spams, but it seems that sometimes Thunderbird decides not to bother doing this -- leaving me to manually filter hundreds of emails based on a quick glance at the From: and Subject: headers. As a result, it's entirely possible that I've accidentally deleted some non-spam. If you have sent me email recently, expected a reply, and haven't received one, please send it again.

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