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After my earlier post concerning Wuala I was contacted by Dominik Grolimund, the CEO of Wuala, who provided me with additional information and asked me to post an update.

First, the comment I quoted from Dominik's interview with Allan Stern concerning the CIA and "top secret" was a mistake, and the interview has already been corrected to replace "used by the CIA for top secret files" with "state-of-the-art encryption" (which is a fairly reasonable thing to say about AES at least). I wish reporters were so accommodating when I pointed out mistakes in their stories!

Second, Dominik provided some of the details which, while critical to the overall security of a system, weren't mentioned on the Wuala website:

Overall, I can't say that my correspondence with Dominik has made me eager to try out Wuala as it currently exists. On the positive side, as Dominik has pointed out, they're still in alpha testing, and have lots of time to get the security details right before Wuala enters widespread use. Dominik certainly seems interested in fixing the problems (which is more than I can say for certain other people) so we'll have to wait and see -- hopefully the Wuala website will be updated at some point to describe how all of these issues are being addressed, so that Wuala's security can be assessed without needing to get into an email exchange.

UPDATE 2008-11-07: Wuala's security has significantly improved.

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