Daemonic Dispatches: Now with comments

I've resisted allowing people to post comments here for a long time: I always figured that readers could always email me if they wanted; and in any case, allowing users to post comments would have meant writing more code, running CGI scripts (the entire blog is static files, recompiled whenever I want to add or change something), and generally fell into the category of "more work than it's worth". It looks like Disqus might have changed that.

A few lines of code added to the "end of post" template; a few lines of code added to the end of each page; and suddenly people can submit comments in response to each of my posts here. We'll see how it goes -- this is an experiment, and I might take Disqus off if it doesn't work out well. But for now, I guess Daemonic Dispatches is joining the 21st century.

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