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I've had a lousy summer. First I got bronchitis; then as I was recovering from that, my wrists started hurting. Since I know several people who ended up effectively unable to work due to wrist pain, I took this as a sign that I should cut down on the amount of typing I did -- and posting here was one of the first things I cut. An ergonomic keyboard, two wrist braces, and many weeks later, I think my wrists are improving (but they might get worse again -- I thought they were improving last week, and the week before last, too), so I wanted to give a quick preview of some of the things I expect to be writing about in the next few weeks... wrists permitting, of course.

First, Wuala. I was very critical about Wuala's security last year; but Dominik Grolimund has updated me on some of the improvements they've made since then. With these improvements / fixes, the Wuala code which is now available is far more secure than the alpha version which I commented on earlier.

Second, the Canadian federal election and public opinion polls. After throwing all the federal public opinion polls I could find into a blender, I can say that there are very clear "house effects" at some polling companies. The worst of these are Nanos, which consistently gives the Liberals 4% more support than other polling firms; and Segma, which consistently gives the Conservatives 3% more support than other polling firms -- this helps to explain days like September 15th, where Segma reported that the Conservatives were 19% ahead of the Liberals, while Nanos reported that the lead was a mere 7%.

Third, Tarsnap. Testing is going well. Yesterday I tested my new accounting code for the first time, and (now that I can figure out how much money I want from people) I'm expecting tarsnap to move from "free beta" to "paid beta" soon. Once I'm not giving away storage for free, I'll open the metaphorical floodgates and invite in all of the people who have sent me email saying they want to be part of the beta test.

Now, where did I put that ibuprofen?

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