scrypt version 1.1.2 released

On Saturday I released scrypt version 1.1 and asked the readership of these dispatches to help me out by testing it. Rory Arms, "atourino", Johan Brinch, Darren Chamberlain, Dalibor Gudzic, Mathias Gumz, Justin Haynes, Erik Karulf, Ricardo Martins, Marshall Pierce, Kenji Rikitake, "s0xxx", and Royce Williams obliged, finding compile-time and run-time errors -- and in several cases, submitting patches. I am happy to announce that I have uploaded scrypt version 1.1.2 (source tarball, GPG-signed SHA256 hash) to the scrypt website. This code has now been tested on FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, Solaris, OS X, Cygwin, and GNU Hurd.

In addition to the above, Mathias Gumz has sent me patches to make scrypt work on Windows; I haven't had time to integrate his work into my tree yet, but I plan on doing that soon. If anyone can test scrypt on any other systems (OpenBSD? DragonFlyBSD? Minix? AIX? HP-UX?), I'd be interested to hear the outcome -- please submit comments below.

UPDATE 2009-05-25: I've now released scrypt version 1.1.3, which includes a man page and builds on OpenBSD; thanks to Predrag Punosevac for many rounds of testing as I ironed out all of the portability issues.

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