Naming a datastore

I've spent most of the past 7 months writing a key-value data store, and its first release will be soon. (Why am I writing a data store? Because my online backup service needs to store 200,000 key-value pairs for every $/month of revenue, and existing data stores aren't optimized very well for very large numbers of very small records.) Before it can be released, however, it needs a name.

So far I've been using the entirely unimaginative "kvlds" — short for "key-value logging data store" (like some other people, I decided that log-structured storage provided me with the right tradeoffs) — but it has been suggested to me that a name containing vowels might be more easily pronounced.

Looking around at some other NoSQL projects, a few options come to mind:

but I can't say that I'm particularly enthralled by any of them.

I know I have many very imaginative readers; do any of you have a great idea for a data store name? Please leave a comment below or send me an email.

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