FreeBSD Update SMP kernel bug

In the copy of FreeBSD Update distributed with FreeBSD 6.2, there's a bug in the handling of SMP kernels. On the i386 platform, the SMP kernel (as distributed with the release) identifies itself as 'SMP-GENERIC'; consequently, if FreeBSD Update is run on a system which is running an SMP kernel installed in /boot/kernel (the default location on a multiprocessor system), FreeBSD Update will not realize that the updates it has for the SMP kernel apply to the kernel in /boot/kernel (which it thinks is a 'SMP-GENERIC' kernel). On the amd64 platform, the problem is worse: FreeBSD Update will replace the SMP kernel with a GENERIC (single processor) kernel.

I've committed a fix to -CURRENT and will be committing it to 6-STABLE and 5-STABLE early next week. Assuming no problems are found with this fix, an Errata Notice will probably go out some time around the 14th of March.

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